I'm a fan of Britney Spears.


Kees was a lot like John.

It's a great pity you don't know her.

You have only to push this button.

HP can only be restored with a golden apple.

They're making too much noise. I can't concentrate.

The news proved to be true.

She tried to hide what was really going on.


We're playing on the computer.

You're almost young enough to be my daughter.

In this world you will have trouble.


We're not so sure.

There's something moving in the next room.

I'm hopeless at ironing so I buy permanent press clothes.

Stretch out your arms.

I think he's attracted to you.

Even if only one Russian hamlet remains, even then Russia will revive.

Where can we make a phone call?

I am reading your book.

Vladimir is a bartender, isn't he?

We had hoped to go abroad this summer.

Hurry only if you have a time-dependent objective or destination.

Let us know what's going on.

Even Cory looked happy.

Lori did what he promised to do for us.

Is everything ready for tomorrow?

I can still remember the time when we went on a picnic together.

Pull your hand out.

They have plenty of money.

I had enough time, so I didn't need to hurry.

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I think you should see this.

The letter is dated April 1, 1987.

Did you receive Rajarshi's invitation?


She learned to dive when she was five.

He's a biologist.

She was bursting with health.

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We're not going to let Edgar die.

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Do not leave the lights on when you leave the room.

It was an old man that was hit by the black car.

How many minutes do you get if you change 48 hours into minutes?

Olivier is very motivated.

I don't know why Uri wanted me to be here today.

Should I call them?

I sang on the podium.

Malaclypse is really ambitious.

An empty head is the devil's workshop.

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I don't think anyone really expected you to be here.

Bonnie gave Amir one of the books that John had given him.

I can't go to the restaurant with you tonight.

Roland, stubborn as he was, refused to change to the sensible metric system, preferring to measure volume in hogsheads instead.

I miss it.

Is your mom here?

I made a deal with him.

Shuvra impressed me.

Franklin is beyond help.

The door to my room screeches when I open it. I wonder if there's something wrong with it.

I'm observing wild birds.


He intended to enter the political world at a favorable opportunity.

Nobody answered me.

He was afraid that he might hurt her feelings.

The ice sheets are melting.

How do you get your children out of bed and off to play?

That's of no concern to me.

The cat had scarcely finished speaking when the witch returned to see if the children had fulfilled their tasks.

Tanya is my prisoner.

What are they doing to celebrate her birthday?

What an embarrassing situation that was!

He is just like his government: old-fashioned and visionless.

I'll do my best to be there by 2:30.

Juha sipped his wine slowly.

Idleness often accounts for poverty.

If I die, I want you to keep this ring.


Linley was wearing a red shirt.

Steven doesn't want to live in Boston for more than a year.

Even so ... she didn't have to slap me!


I shook hands with him.


The police tried to stop the street demonstration.

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This could have unintended consequences.

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That's one of them.

Don't you hate dogs?

Put your coat back on.

I don't want her to be alone.

Such things as the textbook controversy, lack of recognition of historical events, and the prime minister's worshipping at the Yasukuni Shrine have caused discord with China.

We need an interpreter.

I hate secrets.

It is warmer over the mountains.

On the whole, Canada has a severe climate.

She didn't have a brother.

Where did you tighten them?

We were in the room, and we danced.

I felt afraid of being left alone, and for three whole days I wandered about the town in profound dejection, not knowing what to do with myself.

I'm from another planet.

I thrust my hand into my pocket.


He is a busy man, so you can only get in touch with him by telephone.

It'll do you good to take some time off.

I've been out of town all week.

He needs that money.

Not as long as you live under my roof!


I am aiming at that duck.

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This is not about money.


We will never forget the day the typhoon ruined the crops.

You can't just go.

I've never heard him complaining about his meals.

I think that she's hiding something.

The capacity to produce novel utterances is an attribute of every natural language.

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He ardently dreams to work as a translator.

"Where is Maria?" "She just flew off on her broom. You just missed her!"

Ping couldn't possibly be over thirty.

This is Karen's.

Freud's insights into human behavior led to him being honored as a profound thinker.

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Where do I go after I pick up my baggage?


We act in good faith.

We've got to try and stop her.

They share a common element.

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My grandmother lives by herself.


I'll make something up.


You're confusing me.


I wonder who killed them.

It's secret.

Yes, I believe so.


Just put it on my tab.

Please give us your side of the story.

In many cases, doing that is impossible.


There's nothing in the fridge.

Leads has visited Boston once.

He let us go.

I was looking forward to meeting you.

Janos is likely to be back soon.


The beach was closed due to shark sightings.

It's very obvious that he likes me.

I know a good place for dinner.


There are no fingerprints.

Hi, how are you, my dear friend?

Strange as it is, the story is true.

This is my song.

She slept while I finished eating breakfast.

He has no redeeming traits.

I owe it all to you.


I always stretch my leg muscles before playing tennis.

Nobody wanted to believe Ami.

The longsword was sheathed in an intricately engraved scabbard.

You may need a shovel.

Joanne looks very relieved.

Moderate exercise is necessary for good health.

I feel the need for a little exercise.

How does she bring up her children?

This moon was ripped apart by tidal forces.

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I like to correct sentences.


You're enjoying yourself, aren't you?

As far as the teacher was concerned, she was a joy to teach.

They used to go for a drive to Nagoya Port on weekends.

The master plan includes programs to provide employment as well as recreation.

Where the hell did I put it?

All her years of work and effort have gone up in flames.

Luigi thought he had a god-given right to everything.


I'm going to go out for a while.

Dick raised five children.

I'm your friend. You can tell me anything.

Sounds great, I'll have a look afterwards.

He spent another sleepless night watching television.

How many bus stops are there between here and where you get off?

I suspect you're right.

"Do you want this orange?" "No, I don't want any orange at all."

It's important to take care of your skin.

How would you like them?

A child is afraid of the dark.